We are a mobile clothing boutique that supplies the Hudson, WI community with high quality, low cost clothing for men, women and children.

Fresh Threads for Everyone!

Our goal is to meet clothing needs with dignity, to encourage those around us, to  network with those in the community for a better good, and use the resources we already have. Recycle and upcycle! No waste!

How We Got Started
From the great city of Eau Claire came our wonderful passenger bus, but it was used in Hudson for the Fresh Express Mobile market….

What We Offer
Great looking low cost clothing for men, women and children.

The Bus Is Almost Ready!

The Fresh Threads Express bus is in the process of being converted from a city bus to a clothing boutique. See the progress and get updates for when the Fresh Threads Express bus rolls out.

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How It Works

Visit the Bus

You may plan a visit by appointment or by viewing our location page to see the dates and times when the bus will be around Hudson, WI. Walk-ups are welcome, but there may be a brief wait.


Enjoy an amazing shopping experience. Discover the newest trends and find clothes for your whole family.

Enjoy Your New Clothes!

Headed for a night out? Remember to put on that new jacket you just picked up from Fresh Threads Express and feel like a million bucks!

A suggested donation of $1/clothing item helps restock the Fresh threads Express bus and keep the fleet moving. Limit 10 items per person.

Fashion Made Easy

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